Whether you are transitioning between two cities or moving to your new house, or renting, you are finding a storage area around.

Self-storage containers will be a good idea as they will be at an affordable price and readily available.

You can easily toss your items within that storage box. There will be ebery time available.

1. Which items to put into storage

The storage of the specific items for a certain period will decide which household item you dont need for some days.

The store that things which are essential to use every day as the extensive equipment have a high cost to be move.

If any item is not so much of value to you, try not to pack or store it.

2. Create an inventory list

It is beneficial to list all your items that are must or storage for your safe and secure mobe.

Make a clear list of all items stored, copy this list, put it in a safe place, and keep one with you.

The exact electronic copy of this inventory will help you in the case of any natural damage to the items to claim the insurance.

3. Get proper storage containers.

You’re going to need suitable types of packing boxes. Scrutinize all cardboard containers for any signs of damage, especially if you plan to use second-hand boxes. All storage boxes must be completely dry. with solid plastic bins to store your things. They are more expensive than standard cardboard boxes but can last for many years.

Do NOT pack your items in plastic bags. Plastic tends to trap moisture and humidity

4. NEVER pack hazardous items for storage

Check the list of forbidden items before you start packing stuff for storage. You should NOT pack food items of any sort, plants, or flammable.

Do NOT pack for expensive storage items.

Keep such high-value articles with you in your home.

5.             Prepare items for storage

Make sure every item is 100% dry before you pack it up. if this is wet

 can easily affect the rest of the items in storage as well.

Consider disassembling large furniture such as beds, dressers, and tables to be able to pack and protect.

Vacuum well all soft furniture. Clean all items thoroughly you plan to put in a storage unit.

6. Pack CLOTHES for storage

Read the instructions to learn the best way to pack clothes for storage. Remember that the best way to store clothes is to hang them inside wardrobe boxes.

Use vacuum-sealed bags to pack and store

Pack FURNITURE for storage

Clean all furniture surfaces with a suitable furniture cleaner.

Protect furniture legs by wrapping them in bubble wrap, foam sheets, or furniture covers.

Wrap your furniture pieces in thick blankets to protect them against dust and scratches.

7. Pack MATTRESSES for storage

Inspect the mattress closely and ensure it is 100% dry before packing it for storage.

Get a mattress storage bag from a good furniture store.

Insert the mattress slowly into the specialized plastic protector, then tape the open end of the mattress bag.

8. Pack APPLIANCES for storage

Defrost your refrigerator or freezer altogether to avoid any water damage. Please make sure they are dry before packing.

Use baking soda to wipe down the inside of your appliances before moving them into storage.

Drain the water from your washing machine and dishwasher entirely before packing.

Secure all hoses and electric cables to avoid accidents. You can store removed hoses inside the appliances.

Wrap all appliances in thick furniture blankets for extra protection.

9. Pack BOOKS for storage

Ensure the books you intend to store are completely dry. If you have doubts that some copies may not be 100% dry, leave them in a sunny room for a few days.

Wrap valuable books or books with leather covers.

Arrange your books flat into the boxes to prevent possible damage.

10. Pack FRAGILE ITEMS for storage

Pack each fragile item in packing paper first, then in bubble wrap.

Use extra sheets of bubble wrap for super delicate parts.

Line the bottom of each box with enough padding.

Fill in any gaps with crumpled paper or other fillers.

Best storage packing advice:

Pack the storage unit the right way

It’s essential to know how to pack the storage unit correctly. There are a few basic rules to follow to protect your belongings.

  • Leave some space between the stored items and the walls for air circulation freely for good ventilation.
  • Do NOT forget to leave a passage through the easy middle access the things.
  • Stack the heaviest cardboard container on the bottom and lighter or smaller on the top.
  • Position all cardboard boxes in such a way so that their labels are evident.o
  • Put close to the front door of the storage unit, the things you may need soon